Your crypto is now in your hands.

Spend it anywhere with no restrictions.

Flex With No Strings

Cover monthly subscriptions such as Apple music, Spotify, Netflix, and shop at your favorite stores like; ASOS, Amazon, and many others.


Use your Busha virtual card anywhere in the world where Mastercards is accepted. No hassle.

Zero Extra Charges

You never have to worry about any costs or fees while using your card. You can simply create your card for free and spend directly from your USDC balance.

Manage Your Spending

Set up as many as 10 unique cards to help track spending on all your different activities such as shopping, subscriptions, Ads, you name it.

Fund Your Foreign Account

Add your virtual card to Wise, Paypal, and other foreign accounts to make payments easy. Top up your card with as much as $5,000 at once, and enjoy unlimited spend.

Keep Your Money Safe

Manage your Busha Card in real time.
Freeze your card whenever.
Change your card PIN at any time. 
Track transactions with instant notifications.
Get 24/7 support via in-app live chat.


What is the Busha card and how does It work?

The Busha Virtual card is a USD debit card that is funded from your USDC balance. The card can be used for payment anywhere Mastercard is accepted online worldwide.

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